For Men

She might be pregnant!

A million thoughts might be running through your"How do I know it's my baby?"..."My parents are going to kill me!"..."Do I have to marry her now?"..."What did I get myself into?"

At Human Life Services we understand that sometimes you need a safe place to share what's on your mind and to work through what your options are. We have male counselors available who are willing to walk through your options with you.

Perhaps you like the idea of being a Dad, but you're not sure what happens're feeling a little overwhelmed.

HLS also offers parenting classes for Dads! Come on your own or with your partner. We have male counselors to lead these classes and connect with you on areas which concern you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Both of you may come or you may come by yourself. Call us!

All services are confidential. Human Life Services is a non-profit so all services are community funded.